Christo-Lube Lubricating Grease

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Christo-Lube is a chemically inert, oxygen compatible, wide operating temperature range Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) grease which was developed for use in systems where non-reactivity with harsh chemicals including strong acids and oxidisers, fuels and solvents is an important factor.

Uses for Christo-Lube include all types of life support systems, including open and closed circuit diving systems, aviation oxygen, hyperbaric chambers and medical gas regulators. Other uses include instrumentation, pneumatic cylinders, electrical contacts and switches. Please refer to technical data sheet for typical performance properties.

Christo-Lube is qualified to MIL-PRF-27617G Types I, II & III and is also registered with NSF as an H-1 lubricant meaning it is acceptable for use in or around food processing equipment.

This product is registered H1 by the NSF (135016).

Christo-Lube is soft grease, provides great sound dampening, and provides butter smooth consistency of key switches.

  • Will Christo-Lube Grease separated to oil?

A: Yes, it will separated under certain condition; idle long time, high heat environment, and inconsistence surface of grease when storing. However, separation is very normal for grease. Mix it back the base oil, and you are ready to use.

  • How to store a Christo-Lube Grease?

A: Greases tend to bleed and release their base oils during storage. The rate of oil released from the grease will increase with time and vary based on the temperature at which it is stored. Ideally, grease should be stored in a cool, dry indoor area that does not exceed 30°C and remains above 0°C.

  • How do you pack lubricating grease for shipping?

A: Lubricating Grease will packaged in small transparent cream container, with screw cap and sealed with Parafilm, and wrap with bubble wrap / corrugated box.

Operating Temperature:
-60°C to 230°C
Shelf Life:
5 Years
NLGI Grade: