Engineer SS-16 Heat Resistant Silicone Nozzle for SS-02 Solder Sucker

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These Silicone Tubes are replacements for your fancy professional silicone-tipped solder sucker! You can just cut a new section off as necessary.

Silicone nozzles are particularly nice because they're both elastic and heat resistant (up to 350°C) so you can get in close to your soldering iron and suck up solder with little-to-no residue. With these 50mm spare tubes you can cut your desired length of tube freely and get soldering!

+ Replacement Silicone Nozzles for SS-02 Solder Sucker - 2 x 50mm tubes
+ Use with Engineer SS-02
+ Genuine Engineer product

Made by Engineer Inc. Japan, established in Osaka 1948. Half a century of experience has given this company a reputation of creating effective, precision products that are used worldwide.