Gateron X R2 Linear Switch

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New Gateron X R2. This is an in-stock item, not pre-order.


The Gateron X mold is a provable, completely brand-new bottom housing mold. Each bottom housing comes with an X engraving on the bottom as well as polished interiors where the stem contacts the housing. These polished areas reduce surface roughness while maintaining stem tolerances.



+ Materials: Nylon-blend top, nylon bottom, POM stem

+ 50g actuation, 65g bottom out, stainless steel spring

+ Not factory lubed



The polished areas make it slippery to grip, this is not factory lube but rather the smooth polished surface.


The polished surface also makes oil-based lubricants less effective. Higher viscosity lube is suggested, e.g. 205g0 or 205g2.


R2 Changes:

- Gateron X R2 uses the exact same material blend as R1

- The spring is the same

- Not factory-lubed

- Gateron x polished bottom mold

- Recolor is based on classic OG beige colorway

- Color-matched to GMK color ring as follows:

stem: GMK L9

top: Gateron milky top

bottom: GMK U9