Keweisi KWS-V20 USB Tester

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It can measure the USB-powered devices empty and easy to use and practical.
Compact and easy to carry, no additional power supply, plug and play.
It can easily measure the output voltage of the USB port and the device operating current or load voltage.
Detect any USB charger such as PC USB, home charger, car charger.
Wide range of applications, any phone, any electronic product.
Suitable for factories, laboratories and personal use.

1.Input USB
2.RTZ, Reset button, press it three seconds will Reset
3.Out USB
4.Voltage: 4V-20V ( 1% accuracy )
5.Current: 0-3A ( accuracy of 0.4% )
6.Battery Capacity (0-99999mah)
7.Working time (0-99Hour)
8.The working time and Capacity have Memory function when power off
9.Color:As the picture show
10.Size: 7.3cm*2.3cm*1.35cm (LXWXH)
11.Quantity:1 Pcs
12.Net Weight: 25g