Krytox VPF Lubricating Oil

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Krytox VPF have varies of viscosity lubricating oil. It provides sound dampening, and provides smoothest consistency of key switches.

Krytox oils and greases deliver superior performance with advanced features of high-temperature stability, nonflammability, and chemical and biological inertness. Krytox lubricants will not carbonize or form gummy deposits that typically cause failures, nor will they evaporate.

Due to their inert nature, Krytox lubricants provide a much longer usable life as compared to typical hydrocarbon oils and greases; and longer usable life allows them to remain for considerable periods of time before needing to be replaced, if they are replaced at all. That translates to savings over time, both by lowering the amount of lubricant purchased and any downtime incurred during re-lubrication. Therefore, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced.

  • Will Krytox Oil usable on all switches?

A: No. Not usable on PC (transparent) based switches housing, since oil not able to stick to the rails. Oil is prefer on nylon based switches like black/white housing Cherry, Gateron etc.

  • How to store a Krytox Oil?

A: Ideally, oil should be stored in a cool, dry indoor area that does not exceed 30°C and remains above 0°C.

  • How do you pack lubricating oil for shipping?

A: Lubricating Oil will packaged in industrial vials sealed with Parafilm, and wrap with bubble wrap / corrugated box.