TX Keyboards Spring Lube Deck

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  • The lube comes with the spring is paraffin synthetic oil kin ordered from a specific factory so it’s not associated with any brands.
  • Come with Lube Deck, covers, paraffin synthetic oil, and box.
  • Oil bottle is 2-3ml.


  • Each spring is placed in the hole
  • Drop half a drop of lube oil of your choice on it
  • The container under will trap any residual


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    Oil is great, deck not so much

    Posted by CH on 21st Aug 2020

    I have no complaints about the oil, it worked really well for my springs. For the deck itself, there were absolutely no problems in that inserting springs, oiling and removing them was a smooth experience (no pun intended), and the plastic tray for catching oil worked fine. However, this is not much easier and a lot more wasteful than simply bag lubing springs using Krytox 105 or the oil that comes with this. Half a drop of oil per spring here is incredibly wasteful compared to less than 10 drops for sufficiently bag lubing 60 springs.