TX PCB-Mounted Stabilizers (1.6T PCB)

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TX Stabilizers are expertly designed to minimize wire rattle, lower bottom-out noise, and prevent wire pop-out. This is latest batch v3.

Layout – WK or WKL.
Compatibility – MX Stems Only.
Manufactured By – TX Keyboards.

TX Stabilizers Feature:
+ Designed by kin25
+ Clip-In Stabilizers
+ Doubleshot Stem
+ POM Outside
+ TPU & POM Inside
+ Stabilizer Stoppers, prevents wire drop-out

Available in:
+ WK (6.25U), WKL (7U)
+ Black, White
+ 1.6T PCB (Normal Sizing)

+ 10 Housings and Stems
+ 4 2U Wires
+ 1 6.25U or 7U Wire
+ 1 Pack Stab Stoppers