Acrylic TOFU Build - Zilents

27th Aug 2019

Acrylic TOFU Build - Zilents

Acrylic TOFU case, with DZ60, build with Zilents V2 62g lubed with Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 on sliders, and Krytox GPL 105 on spring.

Photo of Acrylic TOFU case with Zilents V2 62g.

Polycarbonate plate used for aesthetic.

Zilents V2 soldered on the PCB. The PCB is then cleaned with 99.9% Isoproply Alcohol to remove residue flux on the PCB.

Close view of the solder, and board cleanliness.

For assembly the case, we use transparent soft PVC washer before unscrew the PCB to the case, to avoid deep scratch on the PCB screw hole.