KBD67 MKII Soldering

21st Dec 2019

KBD67 MKII Soldering

Objective: Solder the switches to the PCB

Kit: KBD67 MKII PCB, Brass Plate, C3 Equalz Screw-In Stabilizer lubed with Krytox GPL 205 mixed, Gateron Clear 67g lubed with Krytox GPL 203g2 / spring with Krytox GPL 105.


Back View of KBD67 MKII PCB before solder. The stabilizers are screwed with stainless steel hex screws with paper washer.


Close View of KBD67 MKII PCB's ATmega controller; lot of flux residue. We will need to clean it before return to customer.

KBD67 MKII Controller

Post soldered: After install Gateron Clear switches, and soldered with Kester solder.

KBD67 MKII Switches

Close view of the switches

KBD67 MKII Switches View

PCB view after soldered and clean with 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove excess flux residue and finger prints

KBD67 MKII PCB Post Soldered

Overall view

KBD67 MKII PCB Post Soldered View

Close view of PCB

KBD67 MKII PCB Post Soldered Clean

Close view of controller after cleaned the PCB

KBD67 MKII PCB Post Soldered Controller