Keycool 84 Rebuild - Panda Clear

2nd Dec 2019

Keycool 84 Rebuild - Panda Clear

This is a broken Keycool keyboard, certain keys not working. However the owner like this board very much, and one of the earlier board he owned. So, he want to revamp and rebuild the whole board and fix it. When your stuff broken, just fix it!

We desoldered the whole board. 

Replace the OEM stabilizers with genuine cherry plate mounted stabilizers. Stabilizers clipped and lubed with Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 for perfect smoothness.

The plate, add with EVA foam 3mm, manually cut and stick on the plate to reduce pinging and add solid feel when typing. Manual cut EVA foam takes around 6 hours.

Switch we use Cherry MX Clear that with this board, replace the spring with Cherry MX Black spring make into Panda Clear switch. The slider is lubed with Krytox GPL 206 Grade 00, and spring lubed with Krytox GPL 106. Switches installed and soldered.

PCB cleaned with 99.9% IPA, and the keys that not responding, we wire jump it. 

Add anti-slip mat as requested.

Fully assembled and send it back to customer: Panda Clear 84 Keyboard.