Leopold FC750R Rebuild - Silent Red

14th Dec 2019

Leopold FC750R Rebuild - Silent Red

This project is almost unrecorded, many photos not taken. The broken insert stem on the Enter stabilizer triggered customer to replace the stabilizers and rebuild the board. 

This is Leopold FC750R Cherry MX Silent Red, stock board.

PCB view, the soldering with RoHS-compliance soldered is very clean, don't have messy flux residue on board.

After inspection, all switches are desoldered from the board. Only caps and scroll lock keys have blue-colored LED. All switches decase, and the slider lubed with Krytox GPL 204 Grade 0 and spring with Krytox GPL 104. Stabilizers we replaced with Genuine Cherry Plate Mounted Stabilizers. Stabilizers are clipped and lubed with Krytox GPL 204 Grade 0. No photos for the stabilizers.

We chose Krytox GPL 204g0 because the light spring around 60g can utilized viscosity of Krytox GPL 204g0 / 104.

Stabilizers and switches installed back to the plate and soldered. The board is cleaned with 99.9% IPA to remove Kester solder flux residue. 


Board sent back to customer without photo taken. Photo below is photo from customer.